WVU Medicine honors late neurologist with a crowdfunding effort


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – WVU Medicine is honoring a late neurologist with a crowdfunding effort.  

Tracy Weimer, M.D.

Tracy Weimer worked for WVU Medicine for 15 years. She primarily worked with patients with epilepsy. She passed away in early July after her 13-year battle with breast cancer.  

To honor her, the hospital is starting a $65,000 crowdfund. $15,000 will go towards renovating the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit workroom at WVU Medicine J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital, which will be dedicated to her.  

“When any of us think of Tracy and her teaching and her work, we think of her sitting in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit looking at EEG’s, teaching residents, teaching students, teaching the techs who do the EEG’s and taking care of her patients,” David Watson, M.D., chair of department of neurology, said. “That’s the image that we have of Tracy working here, so renaming that room in her honor is just the right thing to do.” 

$50,000 will become a scholarship to help medical students who have overcome significant adversity to proceed with their educations.  

Watson said the hospital wants to honor Weimer’s legacy of bravery and toughness with this crowdfunding. 

“She gave so much of her time and so much of her energy to, not only taking care of her patients with her passion and excellence, but teaching the next generation of neurologist and the next generation of any type of physician how to take care of epilepsy patients and how to take care of people,” Watson said. “She was the definition of humanism in medicine, and she can’t be replaced. Our state, our institution, our department is better for having had her be a part of it and she’s going to be missed.” 

Dr. Weimer earned her medical degree from Marshall University and completed residency and fellowship training at WVU. She joined the Department of Neurology as a faculty member in 2006. In her role as medical director of the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit for many years, Dr. Weimer was instrumental in maintaining WVU Medicine’s Level IV Epilepsy Center designation, which reflects RNI’s comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with epilepsy.  

“Dr. Weimer was one of a kind, because there are a lot of people who are tough, but there aren’t a lot of people who were a tough as she was internally and as soft and kind and warm as she was externally,” Watson said. “Really, I don’t know anyone else like Tracy. What she went through, the struggles that she had fighting her cancer, and still everyday coming to work and giving everything that she had for her patients – I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it and I’m not sure that I will ever again.” 

To contribute to the crowdfunding in Weimer’s honor visit here. 


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