The campaign begins with Katars for Opportunity, a comic book that brings together


Propagation of Crowdfunding in Catharsis To OPArtDeveloped and organized a comic book project Rodrigo Ortiz Vinholo e Marie Rollin. The idea of OPArt The aim is to bring together artists living in Brazil and Ireland to create a mix of creative duos to produce 8 to 12 pages of comic books.

The name of the collection is derived from the general idea that unites all the stories: “Off-site handicrafts” (“Off-site handicrafts”). Abbreviation OoPArt It refers to caricatures that contradict the logical expectations of history, the antiseter mechanism or the Nazca lines. Every story revolves around an object that is completely out of place, and how it redefines the lives of the characters who interact with them.

The title is a play “Out of Place” Written by “Relocation” Artists from two countries for a single release. Also, in connection with the concept of op-art, we focus on the visual arts for this work, or “optics” in the sense of “optical illusion”.

Due to the six stories, everything is silent and the publication will have an introduction and other bilingual elements (Portuguese, English). Check out the names of the stories and each Creative Duo:

1- Discovery / A Descoberta – Colin O’Malley (screenplay) Louisa Nasser (artist)
2- Exhibit / Exposure – Rodrigo Ortiz Vinholo (screenwriter), choir Carol Kent (artist)
3- Worked lives / marked lives – Emmett O’Brien (screenplay) Mari Santos (artist)
4- Swinging / Balance – Camila Suzuki (screenwriter), Nene Lonergan (artist)
5- and she / E ELA ERA – SC Ormond (screenwriter), Roberta Sirne (artist)
6- Rituals – Pedro Hutch Balboni (screenwriter), Marie Rollin (artist)

OPArt There will be format 16 x 23 cm, Square Spine, 80 pages on B&W, Click to learn more about the campaign, values, rewards and support Here.




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