The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy on SeedInvest Right Now


The world of equity crowdfunding can be a confusing and complicated place for a newcomer. And if you want to dive in to startup companies, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to visit some of the top equity crowdfunding sites, where you can increase your odds of finding a real winner.

SeedInvest is an equity crowdfunding platform that provides individual investors access to many startup investment opportunities in various sectors and industries. It’s a great place to get started.

Now, I always suggest investors first analyze the risks of investing in startups before diving in. Some of the notable risks are principal risks, liquidity risk, minority stake, dilution and failure risk. But if you are comfortable with these startup investing risks, then there are plenty of opportunities to invest in promising startups.

Here are seven of the best startups you can buy on SeedInvest right now.

  • Gryphon
  • Innovega Inc.
  • Matcherino
  • Future Acres
  • Shoot My Travel
  • American Flag Football League
  • Basil Street Café


A close-up shot of white dice that spell out WiFi6.A close-up shot of white dice that spell out WiFi6.

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Gryphon offers a solution to WI-FI security today. Nowadays, many people spend tons of hours connected to their mobile devices, and privacy and security of data have become incredibly important issues for users. Gryphon is offering a complete platform that runs on the cloud to have mobile access. There’s a wireless Wi-Fi router, and also an app that can give you parental control over what content your kids are watching, which can run on both Android and iOS devices.

The platform uses machine learning to more effectively fight potential online threats, which makes online browsing a more relaxed and pleasant experience.

The company sells the product via a direct-to-consumer channel, but it is also offering “an optional annual recurring protection service” with more advanced features. What about the traction that the company has achieved? The company has more than $5 million in total sales, has sold more than 25,000 devices, and the revenue growth YoY 2019 has been impressive, reported to be over 160%.

Another reason to consider this startup is that “The cyber security market is expected to be a $270 Billion market and Gryphon’s directly addressable market is $29 Billion growing at 15% CAGR.”

Gryphon has a pre-money valuation of $25 million and the minimum investment is $1,000.

Innovega Inc.

market news glasses 1600market news glasses 1600

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Innovega is revolutionizing the future of eyewear today, bringing vision into a world full of technology. It has both smart contact lenses and glasses for better vision and an exciting online experience. These devices can be connected to apps on the move to bring you AR/VR experiences.

The company has developed eMacula® which is the previously mentioned portfolio of smart contact lenses and smart glasses. This digital eyewear combines style, technology, and (as expected) performance too.

Innovega estimates that “Revenue from AR/VR markets is forecasted to grow 5 times over the next 4 years to $67B.” And to take advantage of this growth, Innovega has a business model that will allow it to license its portfolio of products to both manufacturers of contact lenses and other partners who are in the eyewear business as well.

Further strategic partnerships are encouraged, which should be another factor allowing further business expansion in various markets. Innovega has already many patent applications to protect its innovations.

Innovega has a pre-money valuation of $54,269,000 and the minimum investment is $999.


Gamer Playing and Winning in First-Person Shooter Online Video Game on His Personal ComputerGamer Playing and Winning in First-Person Shooter Online Video Game on His Personal Computer

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Matcherino is a company that wants to become a leader in the esports market. It has a software platform that brings together communities that support the esports ecosystem, such as sponsors, organizers and even game publishers.

In essence, Matcherino handles a lot of the financial aspects of running an esports tournament, making them easier to scale and monetize. There are more than 830 organizers that participate in the Matcherino platform, and the amount of money that has been already been given is impressive. $8 million has been distributed to more than 93,000 winners worldwide.

Matcherino estimates that “By the end of 2021 there will be 474M global esports fans (rivaling basketball’s audience) with an estimated market size of $1.56 billion.” The aim of Matcherino is twofold. First, act as a source of financial support to the esports industry. Second, help the esports industry grow further by having financial funds to achieve that.

Matcherino has a pre-money valuation of $13,090,848 and the minimum amount to invest is $1,000.

Future Acres

a tractor cultivating a farm from an aerial viewa tractor cultivating a farm from an aerial view

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Future Acres is offering smart solutions for farms to increase their productivity by offering an autonomous vehicle that can make farming much easier.

Future Acres is now developing Carry, a fully autonomous vehicle supporting all harvest operations. This smart vehicle is equipped with technology such as cameras, hardware, and software — but also sensors that allow it to self-navigate on a farm.

As it picks up crops from the fields or rows and carries them to its destination, Carry is working smart and efficiently. According to Future Acres the use of carrying has the potential to increase productivity in farms by 30%. Not bad at all. Future Acres with Carry vehicle can help offer a solution to problems such as labor shortages on farms. Carry is the solution to this problem and it is offered at an original fee plus a recurring cost paying for its technological updates and maintenance over time.

Future Acres has a pre-money valuation of $7 million and the minimum investment is $999.

Shoot My Travel

A photo of a woman in a face mask waiting to board an airplane.A photo of a woman in a face mask waiting to board an airplane.

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Shoot My Travel can make your travel memories sharper by offering a connection between customers and professional photographers worldwide. The idea is simple, but valuable. Hire the best professional photographers for your next vacation or business trip and create memories to last.

Hiring the right photographer is not an easy task, and can be costly both in money and in time. With more than 950 photographers on its marketplace Shoot My Travel offers a large variety of professionals to choose from, and many popular travel destinations are covered.

The business model is centered on both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) markets. According to the company “The global photographic services market is expected to grow from $43.9 billion in 2020 to a size of $54 billion by 2027.  The market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3% over the entire period.”

Shoot My Travel has a valuation cap of $6 million and the minimum investment is $1,000.

American Flag Football League

A silhouette of a fan cheering with arms raised at an NFL game.A silhouette of a fan cheering with arms raised at an NFL game.

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American Flag Football League wants to support and promote Flag Football and build a strong and growing community of both fans and players in the U.S.

Flag Football is a growing sport that appeals mostly to young people. At the same time, it represents a growing business opportunity. According to its page on SeedInvest, “Five years ago tackle football exceeded flag football by 1M players. Today flag exceeds tackle by 1.5M.”

The American Flag Football League is active in making strategic partnerships for the growth and promotion of flag football. Its main concept is not supposed to either criticize or replace the more traditional game of football. Rather it is a completely separate idea that will target people younger than 34. And success may be on its way as within the first two seasons, American Flag Football League attracted more than 6,000 players and more than 600 teams as participants.

American Flag Football League has a pre-money valuation of $20 million and the minimum investment is $1,000.

Basil Street Café

A pepperoni pizza with a slice cut out sitting on a wooden trayA pepperoni pizza with a slice cut out sitting on a wooden tray

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Basil Street Café is the seventh startup on this list to consider investing in. If you love food, you may love this company that is making automated pizza kitchens. The idea is called Automated Pizza Kitchen (APK) which is a fully automated robotic kitchen that — obviously — makes pizza. They’re quick, affordable and tasty.

Basil Street Café has a bold vision to disrupt — what else? — the global pizza market. And the business model is based on three core elements.

First of all, reducing the expensive labor cost. Second, offer a low-cost solution that is smart and easy to use. And…


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