Spare that smartphone screen with a protector


Joy Schwabach

A sales rep at T-Mobile tried to talk my friend out of buying a case and a screen protector for her new smartphone. “Just get one or the other,” he said. Wrong!

A modern phone’s Gorilla Glass is unlikely to crack. But it can get scratches. According to a scientist on, it’s not your keys that cause trouble. Ninety-five percent of scratches are due to quartz. Yes, quartz. An ingredient in sand.

Our surroundings have a lot of dust and sand particles. “When you see dust on your phone screen,” he says, “you try to clean it by rubbing it on your shirt, etc. When you do that, you put a scratch on your smartphone.”  You need a screen protector. 

My old phone got a blob of Gorilla Glue on it once. The attempt to remove it with a razor blade killed the phone.


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