Rescue One fundraising for facility that would include vet clinic


Rescue One, a nonprofit animal rescue organization based in Springfield, has helped save thousands of dogs and cats since it was formed in 2013. 

Rescue One is not an animal shelter — all of the animals in Rescue One’s care live in foster homes until they are adopted.

Maci came to Rescue One July 12  and was severely emaciated. Her x-rays showed she had a gastrointestinal obstruction and needed surgery. She had an abnormal amount of fluid in the tissue that surrounds the lungs that was most likely caused by trauma to the chest. Under sedation, the fluid was drained and she was then taken into surgery where bones she had ingested were removed from her stomach. Maci is now doing well and gaining weight.

But Rescue One’s mission goes beyond finding forever homes for homeless dogs and cats. 

“Our main goal is to educate the community and provide resources for them to be able to care for their animals,” said Rebekah Redwing, finance officer for Rescue One. “We can keep picking up animals and rescuing them, but if we don’t teach our community how to properly care for them and why spaying and neutering is important, then there’s still going to be an overpopulation of neglected and feral animals out there that will always need to be rescued.”


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