Plant-Based Kids Combination Lunch Brand Launches on Kickstarter


NEW YORK, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Let’s Plate!, a mission-driven kids food brand that’s turning heads and delighting little stomachs, is launching a crowdfunding drive on Kickstarter.

Let’s Plate! was founded by a husband-and-wife team who found a niche in the market: that there are no ready-to-go lunch meals for kids that are healthy and delicious while still being affordable.

The business has three different products  — pepperoni cheese pizza, a ham & cheese cracker stacker and a PB&J — that are all made of high-quality, plant-based ingredients and feature a fun and engaging DIY assembly concept for the little ones.

Co-founder Shawn Jang said he and his wife’s own experiences as new parents led them to start the company.

“There weren’t any kids meals available that checked off the big boxes: healthy, convenient, affordable and delicious,” Jang said. “As parents, we realized we could do something about it — and that’s how Let’s Plate! was born.”

Each meal will be sold for $5-6 MSRP off the shelves at stores near you. They’re ready to pack away in your kid’s bag — without bringing with it any of the questionable ingredients or guilt that comes with sending the little ones off with many of the existing products.

Let’s Plate! is preparing to go to market by the end of this summer, and today launched a crowdfunding drive to raise the final funds needed. The campaign features rewards that include the meals, canvas tote and lunch bags and an exclusive membership to the company’s insider taste club, among others.

As part of the campaign, Let’s Plate! has partnered with Buttercrumble, a UK-based creative studio that specializes in brand strategy, project management and public relations. Buttercrumble works with clients worldwide to express themselves through the power of graphic design, illustration and emotionally-driven branding. Let’s Plate! has also partnered with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation.

Let’s Plate!’s mission statement is to provide every child access to healthy and delicious eating. That ethos drives Let’s Plate! to make food that’s accessible, nutritious and tasty.

Health and sustainability also drive the company’s thought process in a broader sense, too — many of the packaging items that make up each product are fully biodegradable and/or 100% recyclable. The material for the packaging boxes are sourced from FSC Certified forests.

“A healthier planet is a happier one,” Jang said.


Let’s Plate! is a plant-based food brand made by parents — and loved by parents and kids alike. The Company offers a range of convenient DIY kids combination plant-based lunches that are healthy, delicious and fun. Co-founders Shawn Jang and Verona Lu drew on their experience in business — and as parents — to found the company aiming to change children’s perception of “vegetroubles”, promoting healthy relationships with food and the planet.

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