(P) Final opportunity to invest in Eventmix, the virtual events startup founded by two


If you are an investor looking to invest in Romanian-born startups with great potential and above all, global ambitions, well, look no further, we’ve got one for you: Eventmix.

Eventmix is a virtual and hybrid events startup, born during the Covid-19 pandemic, which solves the needs of corporate events organizers looking for an easy-to-use solution to run virtual and hybrid events. 

Eventmix was founded by Sergiu Biriș and Andrei Dunca, the two well known Romanian entrepreneurs that have previously founded other successful tech startups such as Trilulilu, dubbed “The Romanian YouTube”, a startup that became the number one website in Romania a few years back. And of course, LiveRail, one of the most successful exits to date by a startup founded by Romanian entrepreneurs. It was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for an estimated $500 million dollars. 

The two entrepreneurs are at it again, with Eventmix, a startup that was launched in Public Beta in March 2021. The startup is riding the wave of digitalization in the events space by offering a white label self-service platform that allows any event organizer to launch an entire virtual or hybrid event website, in minutes. 

And it seems that there is high demand for what Eventmix is offering, as the company has recently announced it had signed a partnership with one of the leading European events portfolio management companies, Event Inc. from Germany. Eventmix will be the premier virtual and hybrid events platform for their 1000+ corporate customers.

But are virtual events here to stay if the pandemic will continue to fade away? Aren’t we going to go back to the “old ways” of meeting each other in person? We will… and we won’t, it will be hybrid. Let me explain. 

Similar to other markets like e-commerce, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards the adoption of digital tools faster than it could have done under any other circumstances or time in history. It is estimated that the Virtual Events Market alone will be worth more than $400 billion dollars by 2027, a significant slice of the entire Events market, that was valued at $1.1 trillion dollars in 2018. This growth has accelerated in the past year mainly because people now find it more comfortable to interact online even in business meetings or during events, which is something that may have not been the case before. At least not at such a big scale. 

This change in behavior has also helped event organizers generate new revenue streams from selling tickets for online access, something they may have been reluctant to do before. But now, if their attendees want to join online, because they don’t want to travel the distance to their event or just find it more convenient, why not give them the choice? For corporate organizers, the shift to virtual events has helped them reduce costs, as a virtual events costs a few times less than on-site one. So it seems that virtual events are here to stay.

Of course this doesn’t mean that we will interact exclusively online or onsite. We will most likely experience a combination of the two: virtual + onsite, which means we are going to see a lot more hybrid events in the future. 

Eventmix is very well positioned for that future, as the platform allows event organizers to launch hybrid events with ease, and above all, it offers the tools for people to interact during the events through different tools and features like round tables and chat.

How can you be part of the Eventmix success story? The company has recently launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedblink, the largest equity crowdfunding platform in Romania, initially looking to raise a Seed round of 500.000 Euros. That target was immediately hit in just a few hours after launching the public campaign. Because of the high demand, the company decided to accept investments up to 750.000 Euros. This final maximum target is not as far as one would think, because at the time of publishing this article there have been more than 700.000 Euros raised already. 

So there you have it… if you’d like to invest in a Romanian startup with global ambitions, launched by successful serial entrepreneurs, in a fast growing market with high demand, it’s your last chance to do it. 

The Eventmix equity crowdfunding campaign ends in only a few days, on Friday, July 16th. You can invest via Seedblink and the minimum investment is 2500 Euros. 

Go to eventmix.live/investors to learn more.

(p) – This article is an advertorial.


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