Organic Genetics seeks NZ$4m through equity crowdfunding to drive growth


Medicinal cannabis company, Organic Genetics, is seeking
NZ$4m via equity crowdfunding investment platform, PledgeMe,
to accelerate its growth plans including fast-tracking an
indoor production facility in Auckland, designed to
cultivate premium medicinal craft cannabis and manufacture
an extensive product suite.

Founded in 2019 by
husband-and-wife duo Paul Lee and Holly Wright, the
biotechnology company started with a vision to provide Kiwis
with a life-changing and natural alternative to opioids,
after seeing their own family members suffer adverse

Led in partnership with global cannabis
experts, Kind Future, Organic Genetics have assembled a team
of industry veterans to share their knowledge and expertise
in cannabis cultivation. The company founders believe this
will provide Organic Genetics with the insight to avoid the
setbacks and challenges that other NZ-based medicinal
cannabis companies face, setting themselves apart from other
key players in the market.

One of these veterans is
Kind Future’s Founder, Jonathan “JJ” Jones, the Vice
Executive President at leading cannabis technology and
software company, Weedmaps, which is listed on the NASDAQ
with a current market capitalisation of US$3.7bn. Jones has
a notable track record of success supporting companies to
create paths to revenue through product development,
marketing, branding and sales.

Jones says, “Joining
forces with Organic Genetics keeps us focused on purpose
above all else. Our commitment to integrity and quality
without compromise puts us into a position to be the
industry leaders in New Zealand, and also set the precedent
globally for how cannabis should be grown and

Organic Genetics has been independently
valued at NZ$30,145,000 pre-revenue. The forecasted revenue
across the first five years is NZ$46.8m for medicinal
cannabis and NZ$56.6m for hemp.

Holly Wright,
Co-Founder and Director at Organic Genetics, says that with
the global medicinal cannabis market already becoming a
multi-billion dollar industry – having
a value forecast of US$46.18bn by 2026
– the company
is uniquely positioned to capitalise on the strong market
growth with the support of its experienced global partners
and future investors.

“As the first female
co-founder of a medicinal cannabis company in New Zealand,
I’m fiercely determined that Organic Genetics will pave
the way to a more holistic and wellness-centred approach to
treating people suffering from chronic pain and mental
health challenges.

“With our international network
of professionals, doctors, scientists and cultivation
experts, we have the capacity to develop medicinal cannabis
products that will disrupt the industry, while also
contributing substantial economic growth and providing jobs
and opportunities for Kiwis.

“Our approach has
always been different – we’re not only focused on
research and product development in cannabinoid science, but
our aim is to transform traditional medical practices with
an option rooted in wellness rather than short-term
management,” adds Wright.

The funds raised will
contribute towards the development of Organic Genetics’ EU
GMP certified indoor cultivation facility in Auckland, which
will house on-site extraction, processing and manufacturing
facilities with the capacity to process 3,628kg of dried
cannabis flowers per annum.

Organic Genetics have also
partnered with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company, iX
Biopharma, with plans to offer its medicinal cannabis
products to the New Zealand market. Once selected products
have been submitted and approved by the Ministry of Health,
Organic Genetics’ founders predict the partnership will
deliver a significant revenue stream from the

PledgeMe CEO, Dr Claire McGowan, says “We’ve
been seeing a lot of equity crowdfunding activity in this
industry in the last three years, with medicinal cannabis
campaigns alone accounting for over NZ$10m of capital raised
on PledgeMe.”

Wright concludes, “Everyday we’re
hearing more and more stories from Kiwis asking for
medicinal cannabis as part of their treatment plan. That’s
why we’re extremely privileged to be offering this
investment opportunity so that we, as a community, can
change the scope of the medical industry here in Aotearoa,
and provide safe, effective and accessible medicinal
cannabis products to people who really need

“We encourage everyone who believes in the
science behind the plant, to join us at this exciting
junction of our business as we continue to bridge the gap
between healthcare and wellness.”

For more
information on Organic Genetics’ offer, which is now live
to the public until 12pm, 18th September 2021, visit

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