New Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Launches: Eastview Capital


Eastview Capital is the newest real estate crowdfunding platform to enter this sector digital investing. Eastview has partnered with North Capital Private Securities to offer real estate-backed securities. According to their website, Eastview will issue securities under Reg D and thus is open only to accredited investors. Each offering listed on the site is via a special purpose vehicle (SPV) with a minimum investment of $5ooo. Time horizons are 1 to 5 years and both debt and equity securities will be offered to individual investors.

Currently, three real estate investment offerings are live on the site – 2 multifamily and one office facility.

In a release, Daniel Drew, CEO of Eastview Capital, said their mission is to integrate “detailed asset selection, comprehensive due diligence, and nimble management capabilities:

“Each offering has a distinct story and an investment structure tailored to match investor demand with sponsors’ capital needs. When these elements align, and we can invest with astute owners who are making material equity contributions. That’s when we get excited.”

Longtime industry insider Jim Dowd, CEO of North Capital, said they have witnessed explosive growth in private real estate deals.

“We are delighted to be working with Eastview Capital as they provide a vital service to investors and sponsors.”

Real estate investment opportunities are expected to be multifamily, industrial, self-storage, mixed-use, office, and hospitality.

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