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MicroSalt Inc. Sees Success with Equity Crowdfunding CampaignMicroSalt Inc. Sees Success with Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

West Palm Beach, Fla. & London, U.K. – August 4, 2021 – Microsalt Inc., maker of patented, all-natural salt nanoparticles that provide a full-salty flavor with 50% less sodium, is conducting a successful investment crowdfunding campaign on the MicroVentures platform. The company has raised more than $525,000 to date from more than 900 investors.

“We had a strong start and our momentum has continued to build,” says CEO Victor Hugo Manzanilla. “I am honored and pleased to have the support of more than 880 investors who believe in our goal of helping food manufacturers produce great-tasting, healthier snacks with MicroSalt®.”

According to the FDA, on average, Americans consume nearly 50% more sodium than the recommended amount every day. Eating too much sodium can be life-threatening – it has been linked to high blood pressure, a major risk factor for stroke and heart disease. Committed to helping food manufacturers offer healthier, low-sodium options to consumers, while also recognizing that salt is a significant component of flavor, MicroSalt Inc. developed its all-natural patented sodium nanoparticle. MicroSalt® is 100 times smaller than typical table salt, and its small size enables it to deliver the full flavor experience of salt with half the sodium.

The size of the salt particle matters. People don’t taste between 50% and 80% of the salt they eat, because it’s swallowed before it dissolves on the tongue. With MicroSalt®, the salt particles dissolve as soon as they touch the tongue. The result is that far less salt is used with no compromise on flavor, which is particularly important for the snack food industry, makers of products including potato chips, tortilla chips, popcorn, and crackers. In addition, the ultra-small particle size means that MicroSalt® offers enhanced product adhesion, which appeals to food manufacturers because it reduces waste and provides improved flavor consistency.

Some low-salt foods are made with salt substitutes like potassium chloride, which has an unpleasant, metallic taste. MicroSalt® is real, all-natural salt, and it is also kosher, non-GMO, and gluten-free. In the United States, Mexico, and countries around the world, government agencies are encouraging food manufacturers to adopt sodium reduction goals. The goal of MicroSalt Inc. is to provide food companies and consumers with a real-salt, lower sodium option that doesn’t require compromise on flavor. “MicroSalt® lets you reduce your salt intake,” says Manzanilla, “and still enjoy the full flavors you love.”

For more information, visit MicroSalt Inc.’s MicroVentures page.

About MicroSalt Inc.: 

MicroSalt Inc, is the developer and manufacturer of a proprietary low-sodium salt called MicroSalt®. We are passionate about improving people’s lives with better-for-you snacks. We are taking the lead in the industry by providing the best low-sodium salt solution. This solution is the only one that delivers real salt flavor, because it is real salt. Our new patented technology produces salt crystals that are approximately one hundred times smaller than typical table salt. Because the micro-grains dissolve almost instantly in the mouth, they deliver a powerful saltiness with approximately 50% less sodium consumption. MicroSalt® and SaltMe® are registered trademarks of MicroSalt Inc.

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