London-based Palta raises €84.2M to empower one billion health-aware people; here’s how |


London-based healthtech startup Palta has raised $100M (€84.2M) in a Series B funding round led by Per Brillioth at VNV Global. The round also saw participation of Target Global and other existing and new investors.

Palta claims to have achieved more than 100M active users over the last 12 months and 2.4M active paid subscribers in their apps like Flo.Health, Simple Fasting, Zing Fitness Coach and more.

Fund Utilisation

With the proceeds, the startup aims to meet its goal of empowering 1 billion health-aware people through their health and wellness products.

Palta further looks to make more products like Flo that will top the mobile app stores. The company further plans to bring major improvements in the health and wellness sector.

Palta health products basically deliver preventative healthcare for its customers. “Stemming from my passion for building products which positively impact millions globally, Palta collaborates with those who share our values and vision. Palta Brain platform, the foundational powerhouse that drives our consumer digital apps, allows for much faster scaling of both products that we envisage internally, as well as those that come to us from the market. This can be seen clearly in our 10x growth in two years alone.” says Yuri Gurski, CEO and founder of Palta. 

“Almost every tech company in the top-50 globally has more than one product, so do we. We believe that it helps to address the pain points of more customers, as well as creating opportunities for learning and cross-pollination. We are interested in adding more products to our offering by providing strategic investment into the new generation of health and fitness-focused mobile apps,” he further adds. 

About Palta

Founded by Yuri Gurski, Alexey Gubarev, and Alex Frolov, Palta is a health technology startup that helps in preventative health care and well-being. It has a portfolio of apps include Flo.Health, Simple Fasting, Zing Fitness Coach, among others.

According to the company, Palta joined the $100M ARR club in 2020 and continues to grow. Most of its revenue comes from the customers in the US (60 per cent) and Western Europe (20 per cent). Its products have more than 100 million active users worldwide over the last 12 months and its monthly active audience is more than 46 million users.

Palta is headquartered in London and has over 600 employees work across its portfolio products in hybrid mode from offices in Munich, Vilnius, Warsaw and other locations. Its R&D function originated in Eastern Europe.

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