Krungsri Securities Plc. to pioneer “Debt Crowdfunding Portal”


Krungsri Securities Plc. to pioneer “Debt Crowdfunding Portal”

New alternative source of funding for SMEs will enhance Krungsri Group’s ecosystem

Krungsri Securities Plc. (KSS) is preparing to launch the first “Debt Crowdfunding Portal” among Thai securities firms, aiming to provide Thai SMEs with easier access to financial resources via debt crowdfunding bonds.

The new alternative fund-raising vehicle for business expansion will enhance competitiveness and drive growth of the Thai economy. It will also drive Krungsri Group’s Medium-Term Business Plan covering 2021-2023 by strengthening the ecosystem and partnerships and continuing with the ongoing development of services that are more relevant to customers and more efficient.

“The fundraising and investment via KSS’ Debt Crowdfunding Portal is a new fundraising channel for SMEs and startups that acts like a bonds issuer,” said Mr. Thanat Wongchukaew, Managing Director at Krungsri Securities Plc. (KSS). “It’s an alternative for investors who seek yields from bonds. Moreover, it is a channel for asset diversification for all types of investors; retail investors and non-retail investors such as corporates, venture capital firms, private equity firms and other qualified investors.”

In June, KSS was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide a Debt Crowdfunding Portal. It is the first time a securities firm has received approval for this type of business. KSS is currently preparing the system to accommodate upcoming transactions and developing a manual to distribute to interested investors.

It is expected that funds raised through the Debt Crowdfunding Portal will amount to around 700-1,000 million baht.

KSS is determined to be the facilitator for prospective fundraisers and present their business plans to investors. Prospective investors can study the business plan of each proposal to see if they would like to invest. The service is expected to be up and running in the 4th quarter of 2021.

“Having KSS provide the Debt Crowdfunding Portal will support SMEs in accessing funding for business expansion at lower cost than borrowing from commercial banks,” said Ms Duangkamol Limpuangthip, Krungsri Head of SME Banking Group.

“Being registered in the Debt Crowdfunding Portal will reflect the credibility and transparency of an SME, as they are required to disclose their financial information under SEC regulations. This will, in turn, build confidence, leading to more opportunities for future business networking. SMEs can then expand their business and increase their competitiveness.”

“This is in line with Krungsri Group’s operations that aim to strengthen the ecosystem and partnership, in order to develop services that are consistently relevant to customers’ demands and more efficient.”

“During the first phase, Krungsri will introduce the Debt Crowdfunding Portal to SME customers and invite them to take part and make the most of an alternative funding vehicle for SMEs with exciting possibilities.”


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