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KOZHIKODE: The benevolence showed by Malayalis for the treatment of Mohammed, the one-and-half-year-old kid from Kannur suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), has surpassed all expectations. Instead of the Rs 18 crore the family had hoped to collect through crowd funding for the gene therapy treatment of Mohammed, as much as Rs 46.7 crore has been credited as donation to the bank accounts opened for crowdfunding. The committee formed to raise funds for Mohammed’s treatment as well as his family intend to hand over the excess amount to the treatment of other SMA-affected children.
The committee said in a news conference on Sunday that as many as 7.7 lakh people had sent money to the two accounts opened by the committee for the purpose of raising funds for the import of the medicine, Zolgensma, billed as the most expensive medicine in the world.
“When we took the statements from both banks, the contributions received for the child’s treatment have reached Rs 46.7 crore. While the highest single amount received was Rs 5 lakh, the lowest amount was Re1,” said MLA M Vijin, who headed the treatment committee. As many as 42 persons had made contributions exceeding Rs 1 lakh. “We hope to provide the excess amount to other SMA-affected children and will take a decision after holding talks with chief minister and health minister. We will make the funds available to the deserving in a transparent manner,” he added.
Apart from the amount needed for the treatment of Mohammed, the fund will also be used for the treatment of his sister Afrah, 15, who is also suffering from SMA, as per the advice of the medical board.
The committee received the required amount of Rs 18 crore by July 5 and it had asked people to stop sending money, but the funds continued to pour in even after that. Also, Rs 9.19 lakh was received at the office of the committee and house of Mohammed.
While the bank account in the Matool branch Kerala Gramin Bank received Rs 19.9 crore, the account in the Federal Bank got donations of Rs 26.7 crore. The steps for the import of the drug Zolgensma are progressing and they hope to receive the medicine in the first week of August itself.


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