Join the Blockster Revenue-Sharing Program to Grow With Crypto’s Next Big Social Network


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While cryptocurrencies offer ludicrous earning opportunities for investors, most projects fail to share their growth directly with token holders.

Blockster, the all-in-one crypto social network, is meant to change that by allowing its users to capitalize on the exponential growth of the platform via a generous revenue-sharing program.

Blockster: the Social Network Unifying Crypto

With the mission to offer a unified user experience, defragment the digital asset industry, and connect everyone in the space, Blockster is a one-stop-shop social network dedicated exclusively to crypto enthusiasts.

From innovative startups and prominent businesses to content writers, investors, thought leaders, influencers, and fellow hustlers, Blockster offers a seamless way for everyone to discover the exciting world of crypto.

Instead of opening tens of web pages and apps to live your life in the cryptocurrency world, you can access all the products and services you need on Blockster via a single platform.

As a result, you can do all the following (and more) on Blockster:

  • Track your portfolio and check the latest coin prices on the robust market data feed Blockwatch
  • Chat with your friends and share your thoughts about the hottest crypto topics
  • Check the latest updates and posts in your network via Blockster’s gorgeous news feed
  • Tip other users for sharing quality content
  • Extend your knowledge and learn more about various cryptocurrency topics via Blockademy, the social network’s ultimate educational hub
  • Enjoy awesome user-generated content on the Medium-style Blockdesk blog

Want to have a sneak peek of how Blockster works? Watch the teaser video we have just created. Enjoy!

Participate in the BXR Revenue Sharing Program to Grow With Blockster

In addition to enjoying the benefits of a unified, feature-rich crypto social network, Blockster users can take advantage of the BXR revenue-sharing program.

BXR is the project’s native ERC-20 cryptocurrency, which powers all transactions – including commerce transactions, free and instant token transfers between users, advertising payments, and BXR staking – on the platform.

With a non-extendable maximum supply of 100 million coins and a deflationary mechanism in which 5% of the BXR spent on advertising is used for token buybacks and burns, BXR’s tokenomics is designed to ensure a long-term price appreciation for holders.

On top of all this, 20% of Blockster’s advertising income is shared with users who stake BXR as part of the project’s revenue-sharing program.

Since the platform’s income is directly linked to its revenue sharing and staking programs, BXR holders can capitalize on Blockster’s growth. In addition, as Blockster expands its user base, more advertisers will join the platform to compete with each other and target high-quality crypto audiences, which increases their spending.

As a result, Blockster will generate more revenue, allowing BXR holders to benefit from the coin’s staking yields and the scarcity driven by the surging number of advertisers on the social media platform.

Based on the Blockster team’s conservative estimates, the project’s advertising revenue is expected to increase to $25 million annually after the social network grows its user base to 1 million.

At this point, BXR’s price is projected to reach $12.50, which is expected to surge further to as high as $100 when the platform secures 10 million users and a $300 million advertising income (from which $60 million will be distributed among BXR stakers). Based on the current price of $2, that means BXR will achieve a fantastic ROI.

While such milestones may seem very far away at first glance, Blockster has already achieved astonishing growth.

According to the project, over 255,000 users have joined Blockster’s waitlist to try crypto’s next-generation social network when it launches its platform.

Buy BXR with Discount

Blockster has everything it needs to achieve success in the fast-growing cryptocurrency industry. With a one-stop-shop social network, the project defragments the digital asset space by featuring numerous digital asset products and services under a single, user-friendly platform.

On top of all this, BXR’s revenue sharing program ensures that token holders will be able to capitalize on the growth of the project.

For that reason, BXR has massive growth potential.

And now is an excellent opportunity to stock up from the token. As the Blockster IEO is currently live on the Blockfunder launchpad platfo
, you can grab BXR with a 10% discount.

BXR token just entered phase 5. Tokens are currently priced at $2, but there’s no lock-up period this time around.

In the meantime, we are delighted to announce that Blockster is launching the first release of its platform, allowing users to connect, share their views in comments, chat in groups, follow pages, read awesome content on Blockdesk, and earn BXR by inviting their friends.

After a few months, we will release Blockster’s second version with additional functionality, such as an integrated wallet for all crypto, P2P transfers, Android and iOS apps, and real-time portfolio tracking via Blockwatch.

Stay tuned, and be sure to check out Blockster whitepaper for more information!

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