‘In 24 hours we raised R215,000 for our Olympic heroines’… and counting


The Money Show interviews media maven Mike Sharman about crowdfunding bonuses for SA’s Tokyo medalists.

It’s not like there’s a huge liability here! This is the smallest medal haul since the Beijing Olympics I think… two in the pool and one for surfing… but Sascoc seems to have been caught short on this one.

Bruce Whitfield, The Money Show host

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) has come in for criticism after reports that the country’s Olympic medalists would not be receiving financial bonuses.

On Tuesday, the Committee said that these reports were “off the mark” and Tatjana Schoenmaker (gold and silver for swimming) and Bianca Buitendag (silver for surfing) would in fact be rewarded.

“We have been consistent in saying that we are in negotiations with partners over the issue of financial rewards to medalists at both the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics” said Sascoc chief Barry Hendricks.

Bruce Whitfield interviews Mike Sharman, co-founder of Retroviral and founder of MatchKit.

a couple of big donations and quite a lot of public funding.

Isn’t that a massive surprise Bruce Whitfield, Sascoc with its pants down!

Mike Sharman, Founder – MatchKit

Back in 2016 in Rio Wayde (van Niekerk) earned R500,000 for a gold medal, R150,000 for breaking a world record… so by those standards Tatjana should be entitled to R850,000… and Bianca R200,000 based on that 2016 precedent.

We said, you know what, we’ll bounce some tweets around

Mike Sharman, Founder – MatchKit

We said this is ridiculous and, you know what, we’ll bounce some tweets around… I got guys like EasyEquities, Mike Abel [CEO of M&Saatchi Abel], Mike Stopford, a few others…

Mike Sharman, Founder – MatchKit

In less than 24 hours they started crowdfunding and raised R215,000 for Schoenmaker and Buitendag, reports Sharman.

We’re going to just keep on tracking and give those women the bonus they deserve… no matter what.

Mike Sharman, Founder – MatchKit

At last count on Tuesday evening the money raised stood at R240,000.

Listen to the conversation with Sharman below:

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