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We are excited to announce that $IDEA is now listed on You can trade $IDEA on starting on July 30. The initial trading pair will be IDEA/USDT. is one of the oldest and fastest-growing crypto exchanges from China with many cryptocurrencies, as well as IDEA now. Mobile app is also available.


There’s an amazing giveaway going on.

The giveaway will last for 7 days, don’t miss out on it.

10 users will win $300 $IDEA.

To participate, visit .

To read more about the event, visit .

Activities include:

1) Vote for IDEA to enjoy a 45,450 IDEA Airdrop (5,000 USD)

Voting Period: From 29th July 9:30 AM—30th July 7:30 AM.

In this round of voting, if IDEA gets 10 million votes, will list IDEA for USDT trading. Users who participate in the vote can share a total of about 44,450 IDEA airdrop rewards.

Voting channel link:

2) First 600 Deposit users to Share 27,270 IDEA Airdrop (3,000 USD)

The first 600 users to deposit will share 27,270 IDEA (about $3,000 USD). First come, first served!

You need to deposit at least 3,630 IDEA.

3) $300 IDEA for Twitter Giveaway

From now on, a 7-day 2,720 IDEA ($300 USD) Twitter Giveaway event will be started to complete forwarding and following tasks and get lucky draw opportunities. After the event, 10 people from them will be drawn and will give 272 IDEA ($30 USD) .

Click to participate: Coming soon.

4) IDEA Telegram AMA, $500 IDEA Giveaway

The IDEA Telegram AMA IDEA activity will be launched in the near future, inviting IDEA project personnel to visit the Telegram group. During the Q&A period, 4,540 IDEA ($500) airdrop benefits will be given out. Details of the event will be on Twitter and Telegram announced, so stay tuned!

Project Introduction

Brief Introduction

Ideaology is a blockchain project that strives to connect Innovators, developers and investors on one unique business network platform and create an eco. Ideaology DeFi , as crowdfunding part of Ideaology eco which presents IDO as a multi-chain fixed swap application.



Make sure to check it out. The time period for joining the event is 7 days, don’t let it slip by.

You can choose where to trade your $IDEA since it is available on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, including and KuCoin.

About is one of the global top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges with authentic trading volume. They provide safe and transparent transactions. They have a Mobile App Available, as well as Live Chat Option Available.




About Ideaology

Ideaology is a blockchain project that strives to connect three types of users on one unique business network platform.

Innovators, developers and investors connected in one platform create an ecosystem which covers four steps from initial idea to crowdfunding.

As the crowdfunding part of Ideaology ecosystem, we present IDO as a multi-chain fixed swap application.






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