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Have a project that no one has thought of yet but don’t have enough cash? Nowadays it’s easy to get funding for your ideas. It’s not limited to financial institutions anymore- you can get the money you need from several sources, including the ones below:


Crowdfunding is one of the best ways you can drum up big money for your project. As the name implies, it relies on pitching your idea to the general public in hopes of getting them to invest in your product. The internet has a lot of crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter being chief among them.

You should spend some time making a paper on how you want your idea to become reality. People love stories and they’re more apt to invest when you’ve captured their imagination.

Aside from a paper you should also do a video pitch for those who want to watch instead of read. Crowdfunding experts say that you need to hit the following marks to have a greater chance of success:

  • the value of your idea
  • who it’s for
  • why you need support


Bootstrapping is the process of funding your own projects by borrowing credit. With ideas that do not require a lot of capital, bootstrapping can be a good option. All you need to do is find a business credit card with a low interest rate. It’s a relatively low risk solution but you’ll have to put it in action the moment the funding goes to your bank account.

Investing using your own money can make for a great success story down the line, when your project grows and you attract the attention of lenders and investors.

Also, if you have nearly enough capital to get the project off the ground then consider waiting a bit more, e.g., several weeks or a month. But if not then you can check out other funding solutions.

Ask Friends and Relatives for Help

Most projects start with a conversation- you pitch the idea to a friend, co-worker or family member to try and get funded.

It’s an old-school funding tactic that’s still applicable. You can get a higher chance to borrow money since they’re family or someone who they know very well. Also, choose the potential investor very well, preferably someone who has a good sense of how to start a business.

Run the pitch around and chances are that you’ll find a person who will take it. Or, someone you know will have a few suggestions that can make your project even better.


Keep Your Day Job

The thought of going on a new journey or endeavor is definitely exciting, so much so that you might be considering leaving your day job so you can put all your time on it.

However, it’s recommended that you adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude and fund your project enough to cover all contingencies. It will be difficult to keep abreast financially if you don’t have a day job, so you should keep it until the time that your project launches and grows enough that you can quit your 9 to 5.

It’s a safety net strategy that ensures you won’t be at a loss even when your project fails. As long as you’re financially sound and free of debt you can always recover and launch another project. Hopefully, the idea will be a massive success and bring in the profits so make leaving your current work a possibility.


Get an Online Loan

If time is of the essence and you can’t wait any longer, consider an online loan. CashFlex is a trustworthy online lender that can get you the funding you need for your project. Applications are quick and simple and you can have the cash you need in the soonest possible time.

An online loan is a quick answer to when you’re pressed for money but need to launch the project. It’s also a good source of money and can be repaid in chunks so you won’t have to worry about paying everything back in one go.

Raising enough capital to start your 2021 project should be your main focus. Regardless of strategy you should always draw up a business plan and a paper to flesh out the details.


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