Happy Cow Milk Raises Over $500K


Ethical and sustainable dairy company Happy Cow Milk
reaches target of $500,000 in equity
crowdfunding campaign
: 24 hours left of the campaign to

With just 24 hours left to go on their second
equity crowdfunding campaign, ethical and sustainable dairy
company Happy Cow Milk have surpassed their target of
$500,000, providing them with the funding they need to bring
their innovative ‘milk factory in a box’ to

“We are so overwhelmed by the
immense support and passion our crowd has shown us over the
course of this epic campaign. We couldn’t be happier to
welcome all 570 of you into the Happy Cow family,” founder
Glen Herud says.

Glen is on a mission to
revolutionise the dairy industry and has essentially
redesigned the entire milk processing and distribution
system with his ‘milk factory in a box’ so that anyone
can economically farm, sell or buy Happy Cow Milk.

does it work? It all starts with the Happy Cow smart
internet-connected micro pasteuriser tanks. These are filled
with milk, and then pasteurised in a hub (the famous ‘milk
factory in a box’). From here, anyone can be a retailer of
this milk, from schools, to workplaces, to grocery stores,
to cafés, and even individuals performing home deliveries.
What’s more, each stage of the supply chain is coordinated
through Happy Cow software and hardware, creating a seamless
distribution process from start to finish.

So far, the
success of the Happy Cow business model has been upheld by
their dedicated crowd; people who have stood by Glen’s
vision for a more caring, kinder, fairer, dairy since the

In 2018, when Canterbury dairy farmer Glen
Herud was ready to throw in the towel on his mission, his
tight-knit community of supporters wouldn’t let

“The response was incredible. People all around
the country asked me to keep going and offered to help. They
gave their own money so that I could keep going and try
again,” Glen says.

Due to such an overwhelming and
unexpected response, Glen picked himself up and went
straight back to the drawing board. In 2019, he launched an
equity crowdfunding campaign to support the development of
Happy Cow 2.0. Happy Cow Milk hit its $400,000 maximum
target within eight hours of going public.

Cow Milk was built by a community of like-minded individuals
who believe in doing dairy differently which is why it made
sense to come back to these same individuals who have got us
to where we are today,” Glen says.

Now that their
crowd has rallied together once again and the target has
been raised, Happy Cow is set to accelerate into the next
phase of their journey. In October, their trial farmer Chris
Falconer will begin selling his Happy Cow Milk in Te
Kauwhata. In March next year, they will move into Auckland,
then Hamilton. Happy Cow Milk plan to roll out to commercial
farmers all over New Zealand, giving everyone the chance to
enjoy their very own glass of Happy Cow

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