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Cooponomics : Money is not the Power, The People behind its Value Are

We have to create wealth on Offense not Defense: Crowdfunding to Wall Street is our Offensive Play: Venture Capitalist is on Defense to stop us

Traditional investment methods are preserved to maintain order and power: It is time to stop marching and start micro investing through our crowdfunding tools for financial equity in tangible assets.”

— Tanen Andrews, Founder & CEO

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 19, 2021 / — Founder & CEO of Consumer Cooperative Group Inc is gifting up to 57.5 million shares of his own Class A common stock and three (3) months of cooperative membership to the first 2500 registered individuals who invest at least the minimum, in the company’s online public offering. Mr. Andrews wants to bring awareness and pay forward an opportunity for individuals to build ownership in his current start-up, geared around the purchase of various cash-flowing multi-family real estate, through a method called COOPONOMICS™. Cooponomics is, individuals collectively combining their financial capital in exchange for equity ownership, in order to benefit from the acquisitions of cash-flowing real estate assets, which will begin the wealth building process for the benefit of current and future generations. Reclaim our Generational Wealth.

As a start-up, CC Group wants to assist individuals in the community in getting a healthy financial and equitable push toward financial independence. Early investment with a start-up was not an option a few years ago for a certain class of individuals, because they did not meet the financial requirements of the previous legislation. This was reserved for wealthy individuals, who had an opportunity to invest early in a start-up and potentially increase the wealth gap if that start-up was a success. The success of the start-up would then be reflected by the cost increase of the share price and then offered to the public, thereby creating an additional wealth disparity through an equity position. If two individuals were in a race, one would be at the starting line and the other one, having a three-quarter of a head start will always be at an advantage while the other one will be constantly trailing and trying to catch up. This is society’s state today. As CC Group starts to develop and grow its real estate assets through COOPONOMICS™, value may start to reflect upon the gifted shares and over time and depending on the participating state of individual members, this could be sooner or later.


CC Group is a Real Estate Investment Cooperative (REIC™) that is built up of like-minded individuals seeking to solve problems that deal with their social and economical needs that are not being met in their communities. Awareness must be brought to the forefront regarding the power of economics and how the opposite of its effect is being drained from individuals and its communities, through the various schemes of marketing manipulation, that separates their ownership position, leaving them vulnerable and without adequate resources to survive. The Real Estate Investment Cooperative (REIC™) will be the foundational resource that will help individuals of all communities, by harvesting the financial power, collectively as a cooperative group, in order secure consistent financial capital growth through the acquisitions of cash-flowing real estate, land, the development of current or new communities that will provide a secure space for equitable economic growth for each individual member, their family and their surrounding community.


Cooperative membership is open to all without discrimination and it is the foundation for the economic growth for its individual members. Membership dues will be charged on a monthly or annual basis, but that clock does not start until certain milestones have been first achieved. CC Group provides additional ways for individual members to earn additional shares of ownership through their member capital account in addition and separate from the online public offering. Each new membership, regardless of how it was initiated, is automatically enrolled in a Members Vesting Plan (MVP™), which consist of a gift allotment of up to 50k shares over the term of five (5) years. The vesting schedule dictates when members can take advantage of their gifted shares under the plan. Each distribution is 10k shares for every 12-month membership cycle unique to each individual member and it is dependent upon the membership dues status at the time of distribution. Any shares gifted for a term less than 12 months, will be considered vested and the shares of stock will be prorated according to the time vested with the cooperative. The purpose of MVP™ is to help individual members build a financial ownership position in the cooperative by giving the members an additional share base to build up over the next five (5) years along with their initial investment.

Stock & Ownership

Stock, is ownership in CC Group and whether the shares are invested, gifted or both is a position of equity. People in many communities have a different perspective regarding stock and the potential growth power behind the equity position. Equity itself comes in many forms, but we do not know enough about it to connect in a way to use it as a position of power. Equity can be compared to our labor, which we give away at a predetermined price, whether it be through an hourly rate for employment, cost of living and at times we give away our equity for free by buying a lottery ticket for a chance at winning a big monetary jackpot and receive nothing in return. CC Group has a responsibility to the public and be the beacon of hope, by bringing awareness to businesses, local, state and federal entities that is receiving our capital for free and not providing the products, services, economical support or even an equity position in their business. They take from the public capital markets and in return they deliver inflated products, services and stock prices that the people in the community never had an opportunity to participate in, prior to their financial growth. CC Group is leveling the financial playing field, by taking this niche market of neglected individuals and helping them build an ownership base through affordable investment blocks, stock gifts within the cooperative as members, combining the financial resources of its individual members, to acquire cash-flowing real estate assets, debt free, while creating and returning financial value back to the public capital markets through liquidity, where the initial investment originated, this is COOPONOMICS™, where You Invest with Us, We Invest Back into You™.

Tanen Andrews
Consumer Cooperative Group
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