European P2P Lender Bondora Reports €10M+ in Loan Originations in May, €438M+ Invested in


European peer-to-peer lender Bondora notes that 2021 is “proving to be a year of continuous, sustainable growth” for the company.

As mentioned in an update from Bondora, dated June 8, 2021, investments and loan originations kept building on the steady momentum they’ve seen since the end of last year. And in May 2021, they’ve surpassed the €10M origination mark, the platform’s management revealed while adding that this was just as they’d anticipated last month.

Bondora further revealed that investments have been performing equally strong, with €10,151,227 invested last month via the P2P platform.

The Bondora team also noted that after they recorded the highest number of new investors sign up to the platform in April 2021, a total of 2,893 investors joined Bondora last month. More than €438M has now been invested, and investors have managed to earn over €53M in returns during the past 13 years.

As noted by the Bondora team, May was another great month for the platform’s investment figures. Go & Grow still receives “the highest portion of product funding due to it being our most popular product by far,” the update noted while adding that just over 92% of investors’ portfolios now “contain Go & Grow—making up either their entire Bondora portfolio or a part of it.”

The update also mentioned that €10,151,227 has now been invested across Bondora— which is notably the “highest figure” for 2021 so far. Bondora’s management said they are “excited to see how investments will continue to build on the momentum we’ve seen from Q1.”

Bondora’s update also noted:

“Figures for the Secondary Market are almost identtical to April’s, albeit slightly higher. Transactions to the value of €242,322 took place on the market, with Manual transactions, once again, making up the bulk of the activity. However, API activity increased to make up 30.6% of all transactions.”

The report continued:

“May’s collection and recovery statistics look very similar to the standard yet impressive figures of April. 70 729 loan payments were recovered during May. Estonia remains the country with the highest percentage of loan recoveries, with Finland in second place. In May, as in April, the most recoveries were conducted during the Bailiff stage of the collection process.”

Loan originations are continuing on their “upward trajectory,” and we couldn’t be “more thrilled,” the Bondora team said while confirming that originations have increased every month since the beginning of 2021.

The report further revealed that €10,421,636’s worth of loans have been originated in May, with “the majority (€7,269,330) being originated in Estonia.” But Finnish originations “continue their growth spurt and now makeup over 30% of the Bondora loan portfolio,” the report added while noting that Estonian originations increased by “less than 9%, while Finnish originations increased by over 23%.”

The update also noted that with the Spanish market “possibly” set to reopen soon, Bondora is “gearing up for even more growth in the latter half of 2021.”

The report also mentioned:

“May continues to build on the growth we’ve seen since the end of 2020. Investments and loan originations are growing in tandem and are poised to continue for the rest of the year. We’re celebrating breaking the €10M mark in loan originations for the first time in over a year, along with our financial results from a profitable 2020.”

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