Dolmen Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay


Back during 2019’s Gamescom, fans were able to get a lengthy look at “Dolmen” gameplay. In that 30-minute clip, which follows the protagonist hacking their way through enemies with an axe, Massive Work Studios showed off just a bit of the “Dark Souls“-esque combat and item scavenging players can expect when the full game launches.

However, the best look at the gameplay might have come in a more bite-sized video. In a gameplay trailer released Aug. 27, 2021, players can see just how much polish has gone into the game in just a few years. This teaser shows off some exciting run and gun gameplay that will be of great interest to fans of “Doom” and “Returnal,” different elemental abilities that can add a shocking effect to the protagonist’s axe swings, and different customization options for the player’s armor. Players can even switch from guns to swords, as well as dual wield enough sharp objects to skewer any monster that gets in their way.

Basically, “Dolmen” is giving players who love a challenge multiple different ways to play — and the ability to look awesome while doing so.


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