Diabetics, families turn to GoFundMe for help with insulin, supplies


GoFundMe began as a place to support social and similar causes, but now families battling diabetes are using the fundraising platform as a last-ditch attempt to cover the skyrocketing price of their life-saving drugs and supplies.

“My mom needs insulin to live,” Zoe Massery of Ward, Arkansas, pleaded in her fundraiser. “I don’t know what I would do without my mom. I am 16 years old and still need my mother. I see the stress that my mom and other people have of wondering if they are going to be able to get the stuff they need to live along with tons and tons of other bills.”

Her mother, Courtney, is one of more than 9 million Americans dependent on insulin in the United States. Their family is among many in the U.S. desperate to find funds somewhere to cover the costs of drugs and supplies that keep them alive.

Zoë Massery shows the GoFundMe page she set up for her mother in Ward, Ark., on Aug. 12, 2021.

There are approximately 3,680 campaigns still present on GoFundMe that mention both “insulin” and “diabetes.” Almost 1,000 GoFundMe accounts mention insulin pumps. Even after insurance, some campaigners reported that they needed $7,500 out of pocket for their insulin pumps. Monthly sensors for glucose monitors can cost around $250. Others express urgency to raise funds for their monthly supply of insulin, which for some costs $1,600.


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