Crowfall: Best Templar Builds


Crowfall has a character creation process in which players choose a race and class. Here are the best builds for the Templar class in Crowfall.

Crowfall, the new MMORPG from ArtCraft, has officially been released on PC after several years of development and crowdfunding. The MMO takes aspects from traditional MMOs but differentiates itself from other popular titles with its unique mechanics. Like most other MMOs, players create a character by choosing a race and a class.

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Classes in Crowfall come in three broad types: Mage classes, Fighter classes, and Rogue classes. Mage classes, like the Confessor and the Cleric, provide support to the team from long-range with spells. Rogue classes, like the skulking Assassins and nifty Rangers, strike in several different manners, most of which involve skulking in the shadows. Fighter classes, like Knights and Templars, rush into battle to do melee damage face-to-face.

The Best Builds And Promotions For The Templar Class in Crowfall

crowfall female templar

The Templar class in Crowfall can be played by the Elken, Human, and Nethari races. Templars are able to wear leather and mail armor while wielding Great Swords as weapons. Templars are generally suited toward DPS, crowd control, and hybrid healer/DPS builds. Templars can be likened to the typical “Paladin” class in a variety of MMOs and other games, due to the base class similarities. Templars have three different promotions that serve as subclasses on the talent tree: Vindicator, Fury, and Paladin.

Vindicator Promotion

The Vindicator promotion is a classic melee DPS build. Vindicators get extra attack power, HP, critical damage, fire damage, and slashing damage. Vindicators’ altered Holy Warrior increases slashing damage bonus but loses maximum health buff, while the altered Divine Light deals increased damage but no longer heals allies. Vindicators unlock the move Holy Shout, which deals AoE damage while earning players a Pip for every hit opponent. Vindicators have access to the Battle, Fire, or Wind domain. The best major disciplines for Vindicators are Adjudicator and Holy Warrior. The best minor disciplines are Toughness and Thornshield.

Fury Promotion

The Fury promotion is mainly focused on crowd control via melee attacks. Thankfully, it does not take the best weapons in the game to be effective with melee crowd control. Furies get extra HP as well as increased crowd control stats, critical damage, fire damage, and slashing damage. Furies’ altered Holy Warrior has an increased health buff, while their altered Devotion cleanses crowd control effects on teammates. Divine Light also inflicts a knockdown, which is convenient, because Furies get 250 HP when a knockdown, blind, stun, or root is used on enemies. Furies unlock the move Pestilence, which deals damage and stuns enemies in an area of effect. Furies have access to the Music, Fire, and Protection domain. The best major disciplines for Furies are Paragon and Commander. The best minor disciplines are Toughness and Thornshield.

Paladin Promotion

The Paladin promotion is the prototypical Paladin subclass found across all sorts of games. Paladins are a hybrid subclass, mixing healing with melee DPS. Paladins can wear plate armor. Paladins also receive increased control defense, support power, critical healing, and fire damage. Paladins’ altered Holy Warrior has a decreased cooldown, 50% Zealotry gains, and heals the Paladin according to support power. Paladins’ altered Divine Light doesn’t drain Righteousness Pips, while Righteous stand cuts its Pip cost in half. Paladins unlock the move Healing Burst, which heals allies in an area of effect. Paladins have access to the Light, Justice, or Protection domain. The best major disciplines for Paladins are Cloisterer and Holy Warrior. The best minor disciplines are Resurrection and Archery. Templars fill specific roles in Crowfall, but players guided with the right information can become a unique asset to groups and guilds in no time. When players fulfill their class role perfectly, the praise and piles of sweet, sweet gold will start arriving in droves!

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