Croatia’s P2P Lending Marketplace Reports €10.3M in Loans Funded in June 2021


Croatia’s, a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, reveals that the month of June 2021 was quite stable and the company ended the first half of 2021 with confidence.

As noted by in an update dated July 5th, 2021:

“In June our investors funded loans worth 10.3 M euro, keeping the pace of the previous month. 844 investors joined the platform, and we crossed the mark of 17,000. The amount earned by investors totaled to 189,000 Euro, 8% growth within the past six months.”

The team also noted they began the month with a series of videos about their loan originators and introduced the Kazakhstan team of MFO which currently works under the Zaimer brand.

The also mentioned that they have chosen 6 books that help us learn about the “world of finance” and P2P lending and that should be interesting and useful whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor.

The update from pointed out that net deposits in June “increased by 40% compared to the previous month, reaching a record 2.3 M euro.”

As covered in June 2021, the analysts of the European investment platform say that they’ve predicted that in the next year or two “a small number” of new lending platforms should enter the peer-to-peer (P2P) market. says that most of these lenders will most likely be part of financial groups and will provide “more favorable” conditions to compete with older or more established players.

As noted in the update, the research team has analyzed available data and reports that around 80% of the European consumer and business lending market “belongs to 10 P2P platforms.” The suggests that there’s a relatively high market concentration.

This type of situation is “characterized by the fact that “large players” maintain their positions, and significant structural changes in the market are not possible,” according to’s analysis and observations. The company points out that these platforms that occupy the key positions are “mostly mixed, that is, they work both with business and with consumers.” This means that they create “a competitive advantage by diversifying their supply,” the team explains.

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