Charlevoix Starts Crowdfunding Campaign for Local Dog Park – 9 & 10 News


In December, Charlevoix made the decision to introduce a new dog park in the area, and now the public is pooling their money to fill it up.

The city has already taken care of the fencing located next to the Carpenter Street Ball Fields. In order to make the park more exciting, 10 days ago Charlevoix started a crowdfunding campaign on, hoping to raise $17,500.

The money would allow for more trees, dog play equipment and waste stations, benches and drinking fountains to be added to a park that many in the city have been waiting for. “I think people are happy to have a place to bring their pups and let them run,” said Kent Knorr, director of Charlevoix Recreation. “A dog park serves a dual purpose. It also creates a social environment for people to come in and interact with others.”

Each dollar donated will be matched by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

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