Centre of Excellence for Children with Disabilities appeals to the community to stand


Centre of Excellence for Children with Disabilities plan. -supplied image

Muscat: Sabah Al-Bahlani, member of the State Council and CEO of the Association for Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities, appealed to philanthropists, companies and institutions to donate towards the construction of the Centre of Excellence for Children with Disabilities that will benefit more than 300 children with disabilities.

The Centre of Excellence is designed to provide comprehensive rehabilitation and disability-related services and training for different categories of people with disabilities. When ready, the centre will be used as a rehabilitation facility. To generate income the centre plans to rent the swimming pool, sports area and kitchen area. It will also have a space on the upper floor either to rent or operate as a non-profit office and as an event hall for any other leasing activities

Sabah Al-Bahlani confirmed that the centre had stopped construction and the inauguration was delayed due to the lack of funds needed to complete it. She said obtaining donations is critical because the construction of the building’s structure has been on hold due to the lack of funds. She said what the centre requires now is the necessary finishes, and once it is ready, the centre will achieve financial sustainability by using accompanying facilities as a source of income.

Al Bahlani added the centre’s vision lies in providing early intervention services continuously to each child while overcoming developmental challenges and reaching the maximum possible degree of independence and integration into society. This will help in achieving the highest degrees of independence, self-reliance and integration into society.

Alizz Islamic Bank and The Ministry of Social Development had earlier unveiled a crowdfunding website (https://crowdfunding.alizzislamic.com/) to raise OMR 2 million to build the Center of Excellence for Children with Disabilities.

The crowdfunding website aims to collect OMR 2 million from various segments of society by using innovative digital technology. This will allow all groups and segments of society to participate and contribute to building “The Centre of Excellence for Children with Disabilities” and help children with disabilities.

The donation process is transparent and reveals the amount donated. When entering the website, donors can notice the movement of the electronic meter, the number of donors and the amount remaining to reach the desired sum. Alizz Islamic Bank has facilitated the process of donating from anywhere in the Sultanate. All the donor has to do is enter the site and then follow the easy and flexible steps.

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, via the Internet and social media. To finance a project that serves the community, the money is collected through a specialised platform that guarantees everyone’s participation in serving the nation and society.

The act of donation establishes the role and responsibility of the Omani community, institutions and individuals, as a partner that provides services to Omani persons with disabilities. This plays an important role in the establishment of private rehabilitation institutions that contribute to the rehabilitation of these individuals alongside government institutions, as this synergy leads to collaboration in building society, each according to his role.


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