Bondster Launches Secondary Trading Platform for Debt Securities


Bondster, an online investment platform where individuals may invest in secured loans, has launched a secondary trading marketplace, according to a note from the company. The Czech crowdfunding platform now provides greater liquidity for investors enabling them to cash out before the maturity of a product.

Bondster notes that last year’s activity on the platform declined by starting in April 2021, the amount of money invested on Bondster reached pre-pandemic levels.

Bondster reports that over 12,000 people investing now have the opportunity to trade their investments on the secondary market. Previously, Bondster only had a primary market, where people could invest in secured loans from non-bank lenders.

For secondary transactions, Bondster charges a one-time 0.5% sales fee. When selling, the investor can, at their own discretion, adjust the price of the loan.

“The secondary market gives investors more choice when making investments and will further increase the attractiveness of Bondster not only on Czech but also on the European scale. We have been recently seeing great interest especially from foreign investors, who currently make up about 40% of the total number of investors,” said Pavel Klema, Bondster’s CEO .

Bondster was founded in 2017 and operates as an investment marketplace that links investors from the general public with lenders from the Czech Republic and abroad. All loans are secured by real estate or personal property or a buyback guarantee. Annual returns have ranged between 8-15%, according to the company. Bondster hosts a stats page so investors may review aggregate activity of the investment platform.

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