AquiPor Develops New Permeable Surface Material to Manage Stormwater Runoff


Startup company AquiPor Technologies, Inc. is developing an innovative “pavement-like” construction material that allows high volumes of rainfall to flow through it, getting stormwater back into the ground naturally to mitigate the threat of urban flooding. AquiPor’s permeable surface technology can take the place of traditional hard surfaces to capture raindrops right where they fall, allowing them to flow back into the ground and recharge the natural water cycle.

AquiPor has set up its first pilot manufacturing plant and recently opened an equity crowdfunding campaign to expand production and deliver its first neighborhood-scale project. Details of the crowdfund offering and more information about the Company can be found at

The patented material is being developed to feature strength and durability characteristics that surpass traditional permeable pavement, along with sub-micron porosity which gives it the ability to filter out harmful pollutants and particulates on its surface. With these filtration characteristics, the material allows clean water to drain into the water table below, while giving communities a low-maintenance and more scalable approach to stormwater management.

As stormwater runoff pollution continues to become one of the most pervasive environmental issues that communities face today, AquiPor aims to help cities ease the burden on deteriorating water infrastructure.

“Pollution from stormwater runoff has become a serious environmental issue for cities today. We’ve made it our mission to develop the innovation stack that cities and developers need to manage stormwater, right where it falls and mitigate urban flooding. In conjunction with quality engineered designs, AquiPor’s permeable hardscape material can help cities manage stormwater on a larger scale, without sacrificing usable space,” says AquiPor CEO Greg Johnson.

“Revamping the physical infrastructure of our communities is critical to both the near term and long term progress of our country. We’re positioning our technology to be a practical and scalable stormwater infrastructure solution for years to come,” says Johnson.

The American Society of Civil Engineers has stated a $1 Trillion need for water infrastructure upgrades to meet future demands. As recent floods and dam failures have ravaged communities, the need to develop stormwater infrastructure with resiliency in mind has never been more important.

SOURCE AquiPor Technologies

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