Anamoly Launch Crowdfunding for Their New Flat Pedal Shoes With Bold Claims – Pinkbike


A new company has come to the table with bold claims of grip, performance and style. Anamoly has created kickstarter that they hope will give them the funding they need to bring a new take on the flat pedal shoe to the market.

Anomaly shoes will use their Hero Rubber technology, which they claim is the stickiest rubber compound on the planet to give riders “magnetic” levels of traction on their pedals. To look at, it shares a tread similar to other designs, but I imagine it will be the compound that will be really telling. It will be interesting to see how they stack up against the benchmark Five Ten Stealth rubber.
They aim to pair this super-sticky compound to a style that they feel is lacking from some other company’s offerings. They want to combine a technical item with a casual style to give a shoe that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and have people thinking “kook” should you run into a cafe. Some of the designs, they say, were inspired by frame-protection kits that you may have seen livening up the look of somebody’s bike. They further combine this with mud and water-resistant properties and a thermo-welded and stitchless construction.
There are also features to keep your feet protected and comfortable including a toe-cap, areas of perforation to let your feet breathe and a high-medial insole that aims to absorb some of the lumps and bumps you may come across on the trail.
The shoe has been in the works for two and a half years and hopes to secure funding over a 30 day period. Structured pledges start from around $100. Once the campaign is successfully funded, there will be a lead time of around three to four months.


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