A mom is testing out her app to help people on the spectrum


DURHAM, N.C. — The beta version of an app, THRIVE, is launching, and it could help people on the autism spectrum better organize their day.

Tracey Hawkins, a mom in Durham, got the idea three years ago when one of her sons was entering pre-Kindergarten.

“It really came about in a spirit of need and … a mommy that was going to make sure she was meeting the needs of her child,” said Hawkins.

Spectrum News 1 talked to her a year ago when she was crowdfunding for the app. She said Apple saw the story and partnered with her.

“It’s been an incredible feeling,” said Hawkins.

THRIVE is an Apple Watch app that features visual scheduling, self-regulation, a communication portal, a rewards bank and Apple’s location tracking.

Hawkins says she wants to use it to help her sons on the autism spectrum reach their full potential.

“I have been very fortunate to have a team of therapists and providers that I can lean on to really make sure that this was not just a functional app, but a practical app,” said Hawkins.

Now, she is looking for parents, children, and adults to be a part of the free three-month beta testing group.

“I’m excited for the possibilities that this can have for our community,” said Hawkins.


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